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Zhaowen Shan (单招文)

Master Student
Department of Computer Science
Guangzhou, China

Email: shanzhw@mail2.sysu.edu.cn

I am a master student in arcSYSu at SUN YAT-SEN University, advised by Dr.Xianwei Zhang. My research interests lie in hardware and software co-designs to improve the performance and efficiency of computing systems.
Previously, I received my B.S. degree from the School of Electrical Engineering at Southwest Jiaotong University, advised by Chongwei Li.
[1] I have no publications, I am developing my ability of finding problem, solving the problem and presenting my idea with the help of Dr.Xianwei Zhang. Hope I will have my own paper one day in the future.

[1] TA for DCS290:Compilation Principle.Spring 2023, Sun Yat-sen University.